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I think spending my entire weekend working during VCE wasn’t my smartest move…


The Pen Pal Project
*don’t delete text please, it won’t show up*
The idea is have bloggers interact with each other outside of Tumblr because you guys are all pretty cool. 
You will be paired with another blogger who will be your new pen pal (selected by myself - based on location, age, style of blog & what you blog about). You can write to each other, ask for advice, send each other post cards etc.
You don’t have to be following me! but it would still be nice if you checked out my blog
reblog this post
be any kind of blog
I will do my best to make sure every blog is trustworthy because you will need to share personal information with them (a.k.a. full name & address). If you have any concerns about the reliability of your pen pal message me asap and I will try to set you up with someone else.
if you have any questions or requests (e.g. if you would prefer a pen pal who lives near to you / far from you) feel free to message me!
There is no time limit to this project but I will try pick the first round of pen pals before September!
Important: If you think your pen pal danger of self harm/ED/suicide immediately message me and we will try to help.
Thank you everyone & have a nice day :)

James Prebble

Beautiful stained glass

Letícia Dias


soft grunge & vintage wonderland.

I’m getting so run down it’s ridiculous, school work school work. Like was that even a weekend we had? Getting behind in my work at the worst possible time in the year. I don’t know what to do anymore. Ugh